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Wooooohooooo. 8B

Oh wow, I'm quite proud of myself.

My sister, yoko_wind, is having this project for the release of Dissdia. Basically, me, her, and some other artists [three others, if I am right?] eac had two of the main protagonists for the game. I had Zidane and Warrior of Light. WoL's sketch is done, but I am dang proud to say Zidane is completely done. AHAHAHA.

Of course it fails slightly. But yes, here he is.Collapse )

♥ I'm not completely proud of him, but I have a hard timme inking anything on Photoshop. :c Annnd this version is resized, but Yoko, I'll send you the bigger version. :3
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Blah, it's 1:30.

Life's been good. I got Stormy's bday present on gaia.
Still behind on the art thing for MechaCon.
Will get Monica's birthday present at MechaCon.
Monica :: Please please please poke me like, several times a minute to do MechaCon art. D8 PLEASE.

I'm psyched for MechaCon. I dunno how sucessful I will be at getting comissions, but hey, we'll see. I'll have about $200 to spend on toys/comissions. I already know I want a comission from Shirotsuki...

...Baaaaaaah, there's so mcuh to do, and so little time!
Eyeballz 8I


MechaCon is coming right up the corner...Barely even a week!
Stormy's birthday is during MechaCon [23rd? 24th...?].
Yoko's birthday is a week after MechaCon.

It's pretty sad I'm not ready for anything! D:

*slams head on desk* I need to get to work! Stop getting distracted by XBOX/Halo/Tsu. D:
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So I went to the orthodontist yesterday. 8U They decuded to give me rubber bands -again- but this time for only the left side of my mouth.

I thought I'd survive but these are smaller, meaning they're tighter. I've been kinda like "mumble mumble" every time I have 'em in, because I can't even open my mouth a few millimeters to lick my dry lips or whatever. I've been kinda moody and snappy and stuff with them in, so I feel bad that mom and Monica have to deal with me and my moody-nessss.

But other than tat, life is good.

Mecha is in like, 2-3 weeks...
And... Apparently school starts August 11! I thought summer just started!
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Hi, I'm Dark Jagan, though you can call me Dark, Jagan.. DJ... Whatever. Anyway, I'm pretty new to LJ and this shall be my first entry. Woooo. (It's about time I made one. >_>) Since I'm new to this stuff, I get to bother Yoko and how to do things. Yaaaay~

I'll just quickly go on to say something...

Collapse )

What a long entry I made. Man, I go into detail too much.. I need to be stopped. @__@ Heheh.. AND BY THE WAY YOKO. DON'T LAUGH. IF YOU DO, I WILL KILL YOU. I REALLY WILL. DEAD SERIOUS. Okay, maybe not... >> I love you too much. <3

Yoko is my only friend currently. Lol. So it doesn' really matter what I put since no one else will see it most likely since I'm a nobody... XD

Either way, ta-ta for now sweet ol' new journal. <3 Expect news from me soon! =D
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