August 15th, 2009

Tifa- squeeeee~

Wooooohooooo. 8B

Oh wow, I'm quite proud of myself.

My sister, yoko_wind, is having this project for the release of Dissdia. Basically, me, her, and some other artists [three others, if I am right?] eac had two of the main protagonists for the game. I had Zidane and Warrior of Light. WoL's sketch is done, but I am dang proud to say Zidane is completely done. AHAHAHA.

Of course it fails slightly. But yes, here he is.Collapse )

♥ I'm not completely proud of him, but I have a hard timme inking anything on Photoshop. :c Annnd this version is resized, but Yoko, I'll send you the bigger version. :3