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Hi, I'm Dark Jagan, though you can call me Dark, Jagan.. DJ... Whatever. Anyway, I'm pretty new to LJ and this shall be my first entry. Woooo. (It's about time I made one. >_>) Since I'm new to this stuff, I get to bother Yoko and how to do things. Yaaaay~

I'll just quickly go on to say something...

Tegaki E has this Super Smash Brothers: Brawl tag. It's an alternate universe where everything is placed in highschool. And today I discovered the LJ roleplay community for it. I was sort of like, "OH NO WONDER I DIDN'T UNDERSTAND SOME OF THE STUFF." *shrugs* Anyway, I told my sis I woldn't join it because that's just a little weird and all. Plus my sis said I'd be into the RP communities so i decided I'd trymy best not to join one jut to show her she was wrong but now.. Oof. It's hard.

I look around the community and familiarized myself with some of the stuff. On then I went back onto Tegaki E.

And then it hit me that I had to -try and- join. @___@ I'm really good at the whole, "I WON'T JUMP ON A BANDWAGON" thing. I guess I just want to join so I won't feel so left out and out of there seeing all those awesome entries. >_>; Plus, I'll -possibly- be getting new friends. They seem nice. *nods* I had made an entry last night and a few people made my day/night with the comments. TWO COMMENTS IN THE FIRST FIVE MINUTES. That made me really happy.. I'm just an average artist and I felt so above te average joe for ten minutes.

Err.. So I went back to the community and Iinvestigated who was already claimed. *sosadSnakewasclaimed* ...Of course he'd be claimed. XD;; Heheh. So I looked at pokemon in the pokeballs in Brawl and foamed over choosing betwwen Kyogre and Meowth. In the end, I claimed Meowth so I made a post saying that I'm thinking about it, so I'll claim Meowth for now and do my application if I decide on it. And I kind of have already.. >_> I already did the application.. *pokes it* I guess I'll post it tomorrow and have my fingers crossed. I worked pretty hard on it but I'm not so good with 1st person point of view. But if it's rejected, I'll try again until it is accepted because Meowth is awesome~ =D I already doodled him. He's so cute.

What a long entry I made. Man, I go into detail too much.. I need to be stopped. @__@ Heheh.. AND BY THE WAY YOKO. DON'T LAUGH. IF YOU DO, I WILL KILL YOU. I REALLY WILL. DEAD SERIOUS. Okay, maybe not... >> I love you too much. <3

Yoko is my only friend currently. Lol. So it doesn' really matter what I put since no one else will see it most likely since I'm a nobody... XD

Either way, ta-ta for now sweet ol' new journal. <3 Expect news from me soon! =D

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